Yoi No Kisin (The spirit of getting ready)
Inyo (The active and passive)
Chikara No Kyojaku (The manner of using strength)
Waza No Kankyu (The speed of movement)
Tai No Shinshuku (The degree of expansion or contraction)
Kokyu (Breathing)
Kiai (Shouting)
Keitai No Hoji (Correct positioning)
Zanshin (Remaining on guard)
Tyakugan (The aiming points)

The concentration of will and mind against the opponent as a preliminary to the movements of the Kata

Always keeping in mind both attack and defence

The degree of power used for each movement and position in Kata

The speed used for each movement and position in Kata

The degree of expansion or contraction of the body in each movemnet and position in Kata

Breath control related to the posture and movement in Kata

Shouting at set points in Kata to demonstrate the martial spirit

Correct positioning in movement and stance

Remaining on guard at the completion of the Kata (i.e. back to 'Yoi') until told to relax

In Kata, one must keep the purpose of the movement in mind